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Steve Smith, Master Diver


With 18 years of experience, Steve Smith has an expansive life as a diver. He has over 3000 dives, split between warm water, cold water and in cave systems. He was presented with the Wakulla Award and the Abe Davis Award for completing 100 cave dives. He is now only a few dives away from receiving his International Cave Diving Award.


His life as a diver has taken him to 24 different countries, plus four of the Hawaiian Islands, Coastal California, Washington State, Florida, and Texas. Also, many bays, lakes and rivers throughout the United States. For formal diving education, Smith has achieved certified Instructor level for not only teaching diving through Dive Master level, but also as a certified instructor for DAN O2 provider, Emergency First Responder and Nitrox.


He has achieved Full Cave, Decompression Diving and Tri Mix certifications as well. His work in diving includes working for Tierra Data working as part of the team in the Marine Biology arena doing water quality management studies for the Navy; eel grass studies for San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Pedro; sea turtle migration studies; sound level studies in San Diego Bay; and marine mammal migration studies in and around San Diego Bay. 


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